How to Appeal an Auto Insurance Settlement

When you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, you will need to either accept or appeal an auto insurance settlement after filing your claim. The claims-filing process after a car accident can be complicated, which is why many people rely on a qualified car accident attorney to handle filing the claim, and also to negotiate with insurance companies. If you believe you have received a settlement offer that is less than you deserve, you will need to appeal your auto insurance settlement.

The first step in appealing an auto insurance settlement is to consult with an attorney. Insurance companies will work to settle for the lowest possible amount, but when you hire an auto accident attorney to help, they may be more likely to raise the settlement amount. The car accident attorney will communicate directly with the insurance company and ensure that everything is well-documented.

When appealing an auto insurance settlement and working with insurance companies, it’s important that you understand your rights. You can find information on your state’s department of insurance website, and confirm that you do have reasonable case to file a complaint or appeal. A car accident attorney can also assist with this process.

Part of the appeals process involves providing evidence that would refute your claim. You will need to obtain copies of your police report, gather any medical records and documentation that confirms you received medical care, and any other items that will help you build a solid case. It is generally a good idea to keep track of all telephone calls, e-mail communications and letters sent and received so that you can provide enough support for your appeal.

The next step involves filing an appeal with your insurance company. You will need to prepare a letter that indicates your position and why you wish to file an appeal for your auto insurance settlement. At this stage, you may also be able to prepare a sum that you think would be more fair compensation. This letter is a formality that a car accident attorney can help with. The appeals process will continue after you receive a response to request.

After the insurance company has reviewed and accepted your appeal, you may be entitled to receive a higher amount of compensation as your auto insurance settlement. The final agreement will be done in writing, and you may be asked to provide more proof and documentation in order to support your claim.

Working with a car accident lawyer when you want to appeal an auto insurance settlement is in your best interests because it will help to build a more solid case against the insurance company. The attorney may have the resources to reconstruct the scene of the accident, hire specialists to evaluate your case, and convince the insurance company that you deserve more than the original settlement amount. Your attorney can also guide you through the claims-filing process and ensure that you are not being taken advantage of by the insurance companies and other parties.